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Kill-A-Watt EZ Meters

Are your electronic appliances costing you too much? Find out with the Kill-A-Watt™ EZ Meter! Kill-A-Watt™ EZ Meters are available for check-out from any library in SLO County. You can rent a meter free of charge just by using your library card.

Simply plug the Kill-A-Watt™ EZ Meter into an outlet, plug an appliance into the meter, and discover how much the appliance is costing you per day, week, month, and year. Knowing the true cost of operating an appliance can help you decide whether it's worth investing in a new, more energy efficient model.

The Kill-A-Watt™ EZ Meter can also detect vampire loads (those appliances such as computers, DVD players, and toasters, which continue to draw electricity even when turned off). Simply unplugging your appliances and electronics when not in use can save energy and money.

Find out how much money you can save on energy bills just by using smarter home energy management. Stop by your local library and rent a meter today!

Contact The Energy Watch Partnership if you'd like more information - email or call (805) 781-5623.

Kill-A-Watt Step 1Step #1

Connect the Kill-A-Watt™ EZ Meter to any standard outlet.

Kill-A-Watt Step 2Step #2

Plug the appliance you want to test into the meter.

Kill-A-Watt Step 3Step #3

Press and hold the RESET key (2nd from right) on the unit until REST appears.

Kill-A-Watt Step 4Step #4

Press and hold the SET rate key (far right) until RATE is displayed and the currently set rate flashes.

Press the UP and DOWN key to set your rate (easily found on your electricity bill or PG&E's website). The current average residential PG&E rate is $.187, or $.096 on the CARE program.

Press the SET key again. SAVE will appear briefly in the display.

Kill-A-Watt Step 5Step #5

To display the actual cost of power consumed or projected cost, press the MENU key until COST is displayed.

Pressing the UP and DOWN key will cycle through the cost projection periods. For example if the display indicates $2.34 and MONTH, the unit is projecting that the attached appliance will consume $2.34 worth of electricity in one month.

To display the power measurements, press the MENU key until VOLT is displayed.

To cycle through the various measurements press the UP and DOWN key as desired. The measurement unit currently selected will be indicated in the display.

To display the total consumed power in kilowatt-hours, press the MENU key until KWH is indicated in the display.